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Windows 7 and VISTA - 64bit OS versions

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Windows 7 and VISTA - 64bit OS versions

Сообщение breckjensen » Чт ноя 09, 2017 6:59 pm


4-bit versions of Microsoft VISTA and Windows 7 allow only installation of microsoft certified device drivers. The open-source LIBUSB which is the basic driver for CC-USB and VM-USB is not microsoft certified and thus will not be accepted as a driver for installation.

It is possible to disable the "driver certification enforcement" via the start menu (press F8 after booting) however, this would have to be done with every re-boot of the computer.

In order to have the matching libusb version I would suggest to copy all related files from the XX-USB CD-ROM for instance by installing XXUSBwin.
This approach has been tested on a Windows 7 (Premium home edition) Desktop with several C-code and Labview applications for VM-USB.

Any comments or feedback of experience from other users would be appreciated!

Please help.


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Re: Windows 7 and VISTA - 64bit OS versions

Сообщение jeyahided » Пн апр 09, 2018 5:24 am

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