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WinPC-NC controlling Heitz High-Z/s 400

Какой компьютер выбрать? Где купить? Как заставить слушаться :-) Вопросы "еще не волшебников"

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WinPC-NC controlling Heitz High-Z/s 400

Сообщение breckjensen » Сб дек 02, 2017 3:50 pm

Hi, I have been running the above combination for about two years with no problems but recently I have experienced trouble when I attempt to Reference the machine..... In a nutshell the machine will not reference.

I can run the machine ignoring referencing just ensuring that the job is located correctly on the worktable.

I have contacted the WinPC with less than satisfactory results.

Any ideas? I have not, as yet reinstalled the software Is it possible that a file in the software has been corrupted or what any advice would be greatly appreciated

Please help.


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