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Super slow wifi on my PC - any help?

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Super slow wifi on my PC - any help?

Сообщение breckjensen » Вт дек 19, 2017 10:20 pm


Was hoping to get some help here. I believe our connection is something in the area of 200/200 or so. I have been using a netgear usb network adapter up until recently, when it started all of a sudden disconnecting at random times (it was kind of broken). I let my PC stand still for a few weeks, then purchased a new network adapter - this time a TP-link Archer T9E.

I installed it, installed the driver for it, and the internet is so painfully slow loading facebook takes 5 minutes sometimes. I can enter champion select in league of legends, but instead of loading screen I get "unable to connect" error afterwards.

Please Help.

Thanks ,

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