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Java Code I'm working on

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Java Code I'm working on

Сообщение breckjensen » Сб дек 23, 2017 11:42 pm


So I'm learning how to program in Java and one exercise in the book I bought deals with creating a basic craps casino game simulator. The main objective is to run the program x number of times and output the total number of times the player wins, total number of player losses, as well as the total winning percentage.

I think I've got most of it figured out, but when I run it in eclipse I don't always get output. If you guys could take a look at what I've got an offer any suggestions as to what might be going on I'd really appreciate it. I just want to make sure it isn't eclipse that's acting up. I haven't figured out how to do the percentage output yet but I imagine it's not all that hard.

Please Help.


for more you can check:
Reference: https://forum.pcmech.com/threads/

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