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Now Paul missed out due to injury

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Now Paul missed out due to injury

Сообщение boonejengo » Вс ноя 12, 2017 3:38 pm

Now Paul missed out due to injury Teddy Blueger Jersey, the Rockets insist last season's core style of play can be, do not face in advance run-in problem. But there's a problem here too, that is, when Paul returns, Harden will be back in the point guard, will they be compatible? Because Harden was a point guard, he played really well and had to worry about the distribution and compatibility of two people's possessions. Of course, this is something that we talk about today, mainly rocket vs knight tomorrow's showdown Shop By Player jersey.

Julius Randall (Lakers): 9 out of 5, 6 of 6 free throws, 12 rebounds, 3 assists, 1 steal. Randall's offensive is very sharp, if you can learn to defend, he will be very good player. This season, his appearance from the playing time after Larry - Keenan and Kuzma, I hope he can use his strength to regain the starting position.

Detroit Pistons beat the Pacers, Drummond 9 voted 7 rebounds and 14 points 21 rebounds, but he made this season, the praise of free throws suddenly turn off today, the audience, Drummond 7 penalty 0 Bryan Rust Jersey, he became The second free throw of the season at least seven times, but all the players throw the ball, Howard had a 9-point fight against the Bucks in the game 0. After Drummond flameout in this field, the Warcraft must have a slight smile: old man, you are finally back Reid Gardiner Jersey.
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