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Rocket to maintain the core style of play at the same time

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Rocket to maintain the core style of play at the same time

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Rocket to maintain the core style of play at the same time, because they introduced the bench Luke - Ba Mote and PJ Tucker two defensive Titans to improve the rocket's main and reserve the continuity of the defense and improve the entire team's defensive ability . At the same time, Tucker and Ba Mote also have some third ability, in the rocket's run-up system can be put cold arrows, increase the offensive efficiency of the rocket. Today, the Rockets are a balanced offensive and defensive team, and the current Knights attack strong and defensive, and because of factors such as injury crisis Pittsburgh Penguins Jerseys Cheap, the short term difficult to solve this problem Matt Hunwick Jersey.

Langzuo - Bauer (Lakers): 15 in 4,1 third, 9 points, 5 rebounds and 6 assists and 1 steal 4 blocks 2 turnovers. With a career-high 4-block career, Powell's features are solid-ball possession, fewer mistakes and hard-to-beat rookies. The experience of reading the game is limited, often rookie point guard data are high mistakes, Powell be doing well. But his shortcomings are obvious, shooting can not. He shot 132 times this season, hitting 39 goals and shooting 29.5%, the lowest shooting percentage among players who played 100 games this season.

Including the first half of the second quarter, Curry has been in stealth mode, the offensive end of a continuous blacksmith, he can not find this state, the Warriors have no advantage in the face of the Timberwolves Frank Corrado Jersey, both points difference is always close Tom Sestito Jersey. In addition, the defensive end of the library was apparently targeted by opponents, the Timberwolves in the middle of the second quarter of consecutive called tactical singles library in this point, Jimmy - Butler hit the top of Curry hit a stand-up jumper, Teague face Curry hit third.
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