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Giants at Texans: The plays that changed the game

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Giants at Texans: The plays that changed the game

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After two weeks of looking like the 2017 New York Giants Cheap Jon Halapio Jersey , a new team emerged Sunday in Houston. The Giants walked away with a 27-22 victory, one that wasn’t really as close as the final score would indicate. After not getting the lead in the first two games, the Giants had just one drive on each side of the ball without a lead against the Texans. For the first time this season, we’ll have some positive scores to break down. With a win on the ledger, the Giants can have some hope — 1-2 teams finish with an average of 7.2 wins on the season and 25 percent of them make the playoffs, opposed to 4.9 wins and 2 percent at 0-3. Houston was billed as the better 0-2 team heading into the game, but the Giants looked like the better team for most of the way.These are some of the most important plays of the game by Win Probability Added (WPA) and Expected Points Added (EPA). Explainers here (WPA) and here (EPA).Both WPA and EPA presented from perspective of the offense.Another early big play - 11:52, first quarterWPA: 8.18 percent | EPA: 2.34For the third straight game, the Giants defense allowed a big play on the opening drive of the game. There was the big pass to Keelan Cole against the Jaguars, then the long Tavon Austin touchdown against the Cowboys. Against the Texans, it was a 39-yard gain to rookie tight end Jordan Thomas. On a first-and-10 from the Giants’ 44, Deshaun Watson ran play-action, avoided pressure from Dalvin Tomlinson, moved to his right, and found Thomas, who had snuck out on a delayed route. With the rest of the action in the middle and to the left, Thomas had a free sideline to run down to the 3-yard line.Luckily for the Giants, two run plays that netted zero yards and a bad fade to Will Fuller forced the Texans to kick a field goal instead of punching it in for a touchdown. Still, it was the third straight week a Giants opponent had scored to open the game.Barkley answers - 4:17, first quarterWPA: 7.57 percent | EPA: 2.42The Giants came back on the next drive — 10 plays and 75 yards capped off by a 15-yard Saquon Barkley rushing touchdown on first down.On the play, the Giants came out in shotgun with three receivers to the left, and Evan Engram in-line to the right. For the purposes of the play, Engram acted as the tackle by picking up the defensive end. That allowed Chad Wheeler to slide inside and pick up the defensive tackle, which allowed Patrick Omameh to move up to the second level and seal the hole against the crashing linebacker. It was just enough space for Barkley to get into the open field and that turned into a broken tackle against Kareem Jackson and eventually the touchdown for the Giants’ first lead of the season.Ellison gets involved - 1:24, second quarterWPA: 4.56 percent | EPA: 3.58Field goals capped the next two Giants’ drives, one of which that got into the red zone. But on their fourth drive of the game, just before halftime, the Giants got the ball into the end zone again. While some red zone play-calling had been questionable earlier in the season — and arguably earlier in this game — the Giants ran the perfect play on first-and-10 from the Houston 16.The Giants came out in an empty formation, but still in 11 personnel (three wide receivers) with the three receivers on the left side. On the right was Saquon Barkley on the outside and Rhett Ellison in the slot. This stretched the defense horizontally and Houston only played a single-high safety, who understandably shaded over to the three receiver side. Once Ellison cleared linebacker Zach Cunningham after a quick false step to the outside, he had a clear path to the end zone.Two big third-down conversions28 yards to Will Fuller on third-and-3 - 10:48, third quarterWPA: 4.9 percent | EPA: 3.07On a third-and-3 from the Houston 31, the Texans really needed a first down. They were already down 20-6 with a chance of letting the game get away with another punt. Deshaun Watson dropped back and avoided pressure from Kerry Wynn on his blind side. On the left side of the field, Fuller sat against zone coverage right at the first down marker. When Fuller saw Watson leave the pocket, he started the scramble drill and ran across the field with Watson. B.J. Goodson, the linebacker in zone for Fuller’s original route, couldn’t stay with the speedy wide receiver and Fuller was able to turn up the field, break through a Curtis Riley tackle, and get down to the Giants’ 41-yard line. It was a big play to flip the field, but the drive would stall and the Texans kicked a 54-yard field goal to make the score 20-9.20 yards to DeAndre Hopkins on third-and-8 - 4:55, third quarterWPA: 6.9 percent | EPA: 2.56Houston’s next drive saw another need to convert on a third and longer. Fuller and Hopkins lined up stacked to the right — a dangerous combination — and that caused Janoris Jenkins to play well off the receiver. Hopkins got an inside release and broke and easy post route with room to run after the catch. The 20-yard gain brought the Texans from the Houston 47 to the Giants’ 33. However鈥amar Miller’s fumble - 3:56, third quarterWPA: minus-8.33 percent | EPA: minus-4.49...two plays later, the Giants would take the ball away. After a 6-yard gain on a pass to Lamar Miller and a broken Alec Ogletree tackle, Kerry Wynn punched the ball out from behind. Donte Deayon fell on the fumble and the Giants took over. Houston had a 22 percent chance of winning before the fumble, but that dropped to 13.6 percent after the play. What hurt more was expected points of more than a field goal before the play that disappeared with one punch out from Kerry Wynn.Alec Ogletree’s interception - 14:15, fourth quarterWPA: minus-8.75 | EPA: minus-4.55Miller’s fumble wouldn’t be the most costly turnover of the game for Houston. That would go to Deshaun Watson’s interception to Alec Ogletree in the end zone at the start of the fourth quarter. But to appreciate the impact of the interception, you should also understand the preceding plays. Houston had a 1st and goal from the 8-yard line, but an illegal block penalty on Miller pushed the ball back to the 18. On the next play, B.J. Hill busted through the line — lined up as a 4-3 defensive end — and sacked Watson for a loss of seven. That set up a second-and-goal from the 25.Hill again caused pressure off the edge on second down, which forced Watson to flee the pocket. Watson fired the ball into the end zone to Miller, but the pass was underthrown and Ogletree was in position to come down with the ball in the end zone.Houston’s failed two-point conversion - 7:37 http://www.giantscheapshops.com/cheap-authentic-connor-barwin-jersey , fourth quarterWPA: minus-5.49 | EPA: minus-0.95Houston came back to score on their next drive — seven plays and 67 yards in just over three and a half minutes. The touchdown brought the score to 20-15 and a two-point conversion would bring the game to within a field goal. But the conversion would not be successful. The Texans tried a delayed shovel pass that was popularized by the Kansas City Chiefs and some other teams last season, but this version the Texans ran looked like someone who tried to cram for a test the night before and only truly understood maybe 65 to 70 percent of the material. The route was slow to develop, the misdirection didn’t really misdirect anyone, and there was no hole for Lamar Miller to squeeze through after he caught the ball.Shepard seals it - 2:13, fourth quarterWPA: 3.1 percent | EPA: 3.18The Giants put the game away with just over two minutes left in the game. After holding on to the ball for nearly five and a half minutes, they faced a 3rd and 6 from the Houston 7. The play was another perfect route against zone coverage. Sterling Shepard was the slot receiver to the right side on a 2x1 set. His route perfectly wrapped around slot corner Aaron Colvin (22) and sat right in front of Benardrick McKinney (55) in the end zone for a touchdown. The score made it a two possession game and pushed the Giants’ win probability up to 97.9 percent. Shepard’s touchdown would be important because the Texans would come back to score on their next drive, but they didn’t have enough time to get a second possession.College Football, Week 1: What, and who, to watch as season gets underway Happy Saturday Big Blue View, and welcome to the first weekend of college football! Okay, this isn’t technically the first weekend of college football, this is the first week for the major programs and the top prospects for the 2019 NFL Draft. It isn’t too early to start thinking, and talking, about the 2019 draft, but it is too early to start speculating about the New York Giants team needs come draft night in late April. So, let’s just sit down and enjoy a strong slate of games for opening weekend. Oregon State at Ohio State (No. 5)ABC - NoonOhio State remains stacked with NFL talent, partiularly on the defensive side of the ball. The Buckeyes will be lead by edge rusher Nick Bosa, who could be in the conversation to be the first pick of the 2019 draft, and should definitely be off the board by the fifth pick. Also, Dre’Mont Jones looks to be a potential first round defensive tackle, while Kendall Sheffield will look to be the fourth Ohio State cornerback to be selected in the first round in four straight years.On the offensive side of the ball, keep an eye on right tackle Isaiah Prince. He wasn’t able to take the left tackle job following the departure of Jamarco Jones, but the big tackle has been a starter at right tackle for the previous two seasons and has the kind of mentality that coaches love. H-Back Parris Campbell is the offensive Swiss Arm Knife for Ohio State, and with great speed in the open field, he can make plays happen as a runner and a receiver.Washington (6) at Auburn (9)ABC, 3:30 p.m. You don’t have to change the channel to see what is, on paper at least, the best and most talent-packed game of the weekend. Washington is loaded with future NFL players on both sides of the ball, but the Giants will likely be paying attention to offensive tackle Trey Adams. Adams went down last season to a torn ACL, but is back as the Husky’s starting left tackle. Listed at 6-foot-8, 330 pounds, Adams is big and powerful, with rare athleticism for his size. Had he not been injured and decided to declare for the 2018 draft, he could have been one of the first offensive linemen selected. His health will be worth watching, but Adams will likely be on the Giants’ radar this season. Also on the Washington offense is running back Myles Gaskin. The Giants are set at running back, but Gaskin is just plain fun to watch. He brings a combines power, agility, speed, and vision, and is one of the best players not getting enough press right now.On the defensive side of the ball, keep an eye on safety Taylor Rapp. He’s an instinctive player and the Giants might be unsettled at safety behind Landon Collins.On the Auburn side of the ball, teams will be paying keen attention to quarterback Jarrett Stidham, who is on the watch list to be the top quarterback prospect in the 2019 draft. He isn’t polished in the pro game, but he has the athleticism and arm strength to get scouts excited. Defensive tackle Derrick Brown is the kind of defensive tackle the Giants love. At 6-5, 320 pounds, he can stuff the run as well as create havoc behind the line of scrimmage.Michigan (14) at Notre Dame (12)NBC, 7:30 p.m. Another matchup that could be loaded with NFL talent on the defensive side of the ball.Headlining the game is Michigan defensive lineman Rashan Gary, who could be a top-10 pick in the 2019 draft if he continues to improve and lives up to his potential. A big defensive end at 6-5, 287 pounds, has the size to play inside or as a 5-technique on a 3-man front Cheap Will Hernandez Jersey , but also boasts the fluidity to play base end in a 4-3 front.On the Notre Dame side of things is linebacker Te’Von Coney. Coney started the 2017 season as a back-up, but the athletic linebacker still racked up 116 tackles. He could give the Giants the speed, athleticism, and instincts they need at the second level to finish off their front seven. Louisville at (1) Alabama (1)ABC, 8 p.m.While Louisville isn’t ranked, this should be a fun game (that Alabama is heavily favored to win). Unsurprisingly, ‘Bama is once again stacked with NFL talent at every level on both sides of the ball. Giants fans will want to play closest attention to Jonah Williams, Alabama’s left tackle. There are some who think he might be destined to play guard at the NFL level, but he is a powerful blocker who will catch coaches’ eyes. Behind Harris will be RB Damien Harris. Harris is a quick and powerful runner who will likely be the engine that keeps the offense churning. On the defensive side of the ball, Raekwan Davis is a big, long, 6-7 defensive end who could find himself going in the top half of the first round. His frame will likely appeal to 3-4 teams, though the Giants’ depth along the defensive line might allow their eyes to wander.Miami (8) at LSU (25)ABC, 8 p.m. (Monday, 9/3) Sitting here, writing this, I don’t know whether this will be the best game of opening weekend, but I think it might be the most fun. Monday night’s game will see the fast-playing, turnover-chain wearing Miami Hurricanes against the LSU Tigers and the most aptly-named player in college football, cornerback Greedy Williams.Williams is a long corner at 6-1, with great recognition and ball skills, notching 6 interceptions as a red shirt freshman. LSU also features linebacker Devin White, who combines fluid movement skills with good strength and power in a 240-pound frame. College football is just better when the Hurricanes are good, and they’re good again. Wide receiver Ahmmon Richards is a long receiver who uses his long strides to absolutely gobble up yardage in the open field. Before going down with an injury in 2017, Richards was averageing 18.3 yards per catch on 24 catches (19.1 per catch on 49 catches as a freshman). There are some who think he could be a number one receiver at the next level, but even if he isn’t, he certainly has the potential to be a scary deep threat. Behind Richards is running back Travis Homer, who has the potential to grow into one of the most exciting running backs in the nation. Running much bigger than his listed 5-11, 195-pound frame would suggest, Richards is a tough, one-cut runner who also has the twitchy athleticism to break off chunk yardage at any time. With some more growth in the mental part of the game, he could be an early draft pick. On the defensive side is Joe Jackson, a powerful edge rusher who uses active, heavy hands to get into the backfield and make problems for the offense. He has had 10.5 tackles for a loss in each of the last two seasons, as well as 7.5 and 6.5 sacks (respectively). And unsurprisingly, Miami has a pair of defensive backs worth paying attention to. At corner is Michael Jackson, who is a stoutly built 6-1, 200-pound corner with a good ability to read and react. While Jackson can play in press coverage, but might be better in a Cover 3 zone scheme, such as is run by the Seattle Seahawks. At safety is Jaquan Johnson. Johnson was a highly productive safety from the Hurricanes, racking up 96 tackles, three for a loss, one sack, three forced fumbles, four passes defensed, and four interceptions. As his stats suggest, Johnson was equally at home at free safety and at strong safety, a trait which could intrigue James Bettcher, who values that kind of versatility in his defenders.
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