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Cleveland Browns Training Camp 2018: WR Preview

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Cleveland Browns Training Camp 2018: WR Preview

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www.thebrownsfootballauthentic.com , Part 1 In Part 1 of our training camp preview on the Cleveland Browns’ wide receivers, we look at the four receivers who seem assured of significant roles in the offense this year. This year’s group is much more exciting than when Kenny Britt was the main attraction this time last year.Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images1. Josh Gordon - Starting Wide ReceiverHeight: 6-3 | Weight: 225 lbs | Age: 27Experience: 3 years | College: BaylorEven though Josh Gordon returned to action last year for the first time since 2014, it still wasn’t quite right. It was during an 0-16 season, and Gordon was only available for the final 5 games of the season as he registered 18 catches for 335 yards and 1 touchdown.In 2018, for virtually the first time in his NFL career, he could be on pace to participate in a “full” season with Cleveland — not just in games, but the whole offseason, including OTAs, minicamp, and training camp. Gordon’s talent is still undeniable. He is 27 years old, but has hardly had any wear and tear on his body despite being drafted in 2012. He is in his prime, and with his combination of size, speed, and strength, it is not a reach to say he could be the best receiver in the entire NFL.Maybe some of you have forgotten how insane his 2013 season was, when he played 14 games and caught 87 passes for 1,646 yards and 9 touchdowns. The Browns hold the rights to Gordon through the 2019 season, and he has to know that a big year could lead to the contract extension he’s never been able to get due to all of his suspensions. He appears to be in outstanding shape, and the sky is the limit for him, especially with a more reliable quarterback in place now.Final Roster Odds: 100%Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports2. Jarvis Landry - Starting / Slot ReceiverHeight: 5-11 | Weight: 196 lbs | Age: 25Experience: 5 years | College: LSUThe Browns’ biggest move of free agency came when they acquired Jarvis Landry from the Miami Dolphins for practically a 4th round draft pick. The contract extension that Cleveland gave him will keep him with the team through 2022 and is worth $75.5 million.Landry can no doubt make some big plays, but the great thing about him is that he is a complement to Gordon. He is going to be the type of receiver who grabs 100 catches per year for 1,000 yards and 5-6 touchdowns. Landry led the NFL in receptions from the slot position last year with 68, per Pro Football Focus (Larry Fitzgerald of the Cardinals was second with 65 receptions). He is very good at getting yards after the catch and forcing missed tackles.Some may argue that the Browns overpaid a little for Landry. Even if that is true, who cares? He has proven to be consistently good at his role Cleveland Browns T-Shirt , and if it took this type of contract for Cleveland to buy a guaranteed 100-catch, 1,000-yard receiver, then I’m all in, especially when he won’t even be the team’s top receiver.Final Roster Odds: 100%Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images3. Corey Coleman - Third Wide ReceiverHeight: 5-11 | Weight: 185 lbs | Age: 24Experience: 3 years | College: BaylorThere was a point in the offseason where I was almost certain the Browns were going to trade Corey Coleman, but I don’t believe that to be the case now. It’s not that I ever wanted Coleman to be traded. He has had ridiculous misfortune of luck in the NFL, breaking his hand in back-to-back seasons between Weeks 2-3. I mean, how often do you even hear of wide receivers breaking their hand once, let alone twice?Coleman has flashed his first-round talent when he has played, but he also has a lot to work on to be a consistent player. Look at last year’s final play of the season that officially locked in an 0-16 season — a wide open sideline pass that bounced right off his face for an incompletion. He was devastated. But this isn’t a year to feel sorry for Coleman either. He needs to be confident, and rise to the occasion. The Browns will utilize Jarvis Landry a lot in the slot, which means Coleman will still get significant work as an outside receiver. Todd Haley said that he told Coleman this is a make-or-break year for him, and while Coleman won’t be a superstar in this type a role, he can still be an incredible asset to the offense.Final Roster Odds: 98%Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports4. Antonio Callaway - Rookie Wide ReceiverHeight: 5-11 | Weight: 200 lbs | Age: 21Experience: Rookie | College: FloridaThe Browns drafted Antonio Callaway despite his background. He was one of the players the team brought in to meet prior to selecting him in the fourth round, and they were convinced as an organization that they have the right people in place to keep him on the right track.Callaway has exceptional speed with good route running to go along with it. He has impressed people through the offseason programs thus far, and his progress as a receiver will be one of the funner things to watch in training camp this year. As far as the depth chart goes, he won’t leap past either Josh Gordon or Jarvis Landry, but he could find a way to cut into the playing time of Corey Coleman. The more likely scenario is that as a rookie, he will contribute to a big role as a return man, while also seeing some snaps each week to stretch the field as a receiver.Final Roster Odds: 100% At the center of Cleveland’s controversial and heart wrenching loss to the Oakland Raiders was a short run by Carlos Hyde with 1:32 remaining, which resulted in a first down called by the on-field officiating crew.With under two minutes left in the game, the replay official called for another look at the spot of the ball on the short run.Make no mistake, this was a critical moment for the life of the game.The Browns were up by 8 points, and Oakland was about to use their final timeout.A first down would allow the Browns to take a knee three times until the clock expired Cleveland Browns Hats , clinching their second victory of the season.Should the ball be spotted short of the required distance, the Browns would be faced with a 4th and short situation, potentially giving the Raiders an opportunity to tie the game before the end of regulation.As was stated initially, the call on the field was that the ball had enough distance to make the first down.Upon review, the ball was found short despite poor camera angles and Hyde seeming to fall over the “yellow” line on the television feed.With emotions subsiding after such a dramatic loss, it’s valuable to come back and reexamine this play with some additional mental clarity.After the game, Scott Petrak reported that:After reexamining the television feed, it seems that the officiating crew was examining an angle that was not being broadcast live.However, after looking at the broadcast angles in detail, I was able to come to the same conclusion as the NFL in that Hyde was down just short of the first down.This seems apparent using two camera angles.The first shot shows the moment where Hyde is down and where his elbow is in comparison to the line to gain - the imaginary line through the field denoting the minimum distance for a first down.Carlos Hyde, at the moment of being downedFox News NFL BroadcastFrom this image, it is possible to see where his elbow touched in relation to the first down. The tip of his elbow may just be touching the first down marker.However, it is difficult from this perspective to understand where the ball is in relation to the ground.In a close up from a different angle, it is possible to see how Hyde is holding the ball in relationship to his body:Carlos Hyde at point of impact - vertical line drawn to look at ball placement to elbowThis angle is important as it allows a point of reference for where the ball is in relationship to the downed elbow.From this image, it appears as if the ball, at it’s furthest point, is vertically aligned with a point just shy of the knob of his elbow.From the first angle, it appears that only that knob of the elbow was just far enough to kiss the front end of the line to gain.Thus, at the point of being downed, it appears to me that the ball is most definitely short, even though by a minute amount, of the line to gain for the first down. Custom Indianapolis Colts Jerseys
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