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join the exclusive rugged biker culture

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join the exclusive rugged biker culture

Сообщение Aliceun » Чт сен 07, 2017 4:23 pm

Eve would thomas sabo smycken have become very nervous in Paradise had she seen the new Thomas Sabo jewels. With the silver snake and the alluringly glowing apple in the new Sterling Silver Collection, seduction has finally become an art form in its own right. But who is seducing who here is no longer as clear as in years gone by: is the woman serenading the man? Or the man the woman? Or is it more the jewellery seducing both? Snake and apple are among the most powerful of all symbols and Thomas Sabo, the, innovative German jewellery designer has interpreted them in a contemporary manner sand placed them firmly within the context of recent fashion trends.

Its high design quality thomas sabo sverige and the huge ratio of manual craftsmanship make the piece particularly covetable to all those with a well-defined sense of style and excellence. For example, 350 black, zirconia-set stones were positioned by hand in the case of the snake creating a powerful pendant.

The intense thomas sabo rea symbolic power of the new items of jewellery is used by alltrong characters as a sign of their fighting nature. And as a memento to their willpower to make themselves strong for something while maintaining their majestic dignity.

The new collection is clearly a dedication to temptation thomas sabo berlock rea - despite its frequent imaginary sensual innocence. To this end, the collection focuses on maximum attraction with its strong, eye-catching symbols, top-quality materials, its clear, strikingly visual language and - as we have come to expect from the international designer label - its breathtaking design.

thomas sabo armband rea when you wear a piece of real Gothic sterling silver jewelry, you earn the right to join the exclusive rugged biker culture; one which treasures the dreams of independence, individualism, masculinity & cultural solidarity. You become what you wear, and what you wear becomes a statement of what you truly are: an out-and-out badass. If you choose to wear a piece of silver plated costume jewelry, your badass image is only as convincing as the shoddy layer of silver coating covering an unpresentable lump of base metal. It fades, and when it wears off, it makes you look really cheap.

We believe that as fans of biker jewelry, thomas sabo halsband you'd probably have already seen the disturbingly high prices placed on luxury branded Gothic silver jewelry. Just one simple earring containing no more than 6 grams of 925 sterling silver would set you back over US$400. And that's just the start. A weighty, chunky designer label skull bracelet could possibly cost you near as much as your bike itself.
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