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Davis' injury could also NBA 2K18 MT

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Davis' injury could also NBA 2K18 MT

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Friday. Gentry had previously revealed that Davis was playing through a shoulder ailment.The news cuts short a frustrating season for the rising NBA star. Following a superlative 2014-15 and a strong performance against the Warriors in the playoffs, many -- including us -- believed the 23-year-old was a leading candidate to win MVP and push New Orleans to the next level. Instead, Davis' teammates suffered a never-ending string of injuries, forcing him to carry too heavy a load.

His numbers (24.3 points and 10.3 rebounds on 49.5 percent shooting) are in NBA 2K18 MT Coins line with his per-game averages from last year, buthe's struggled defensively and failed to lift his Pelicans teammates to new heights. New Orleans lost 11 of its first 12 games and never recovered to mount a serious playoff push.

Davis' injury could also potentially cost him more than $24 million over the life of his next contract due to a unique quirk in the Collective Bargaining Agreement. During the 2011 lockout, the league and the players association agreed on a clause that allowed players on rookie contracts to earn a bonus on their next deal if they achieved certain honors. This is commonly known as the Derrick Rose Rule, a termour Tom Ziller coined back in 2011.

That's because Rose was the only eligible player the year the Cheap NBA Live Mobile Coins provision was enacted).Normally, players can sign a rookie contract extension for up to 25 percent of the salary cap. However, if a player achieves the following honors during their first four years, they can be eligible for a deal starting at 30 percent of the cap instead. To be eligible, they must have either:
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