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The Best of Franz Joseph Haydn - A Survival Game

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The Best of Franz Joseph Haydn - A Survival Game

Сообщение breckjensen » Пт ноя 24, 2017 5:31 pm


As the 21st Century approached, I was of the firm opinion that Mozart's music was generally superior to the music of Franz Joseph Haydn. Seventeen years later, my firm opinion has turned to mush. Many Mozart works that I loved now sound rather saccharin to my ears, while Haydn's music keeps growing on me.

The above is my lead-in to a game to determine the 10 best Haydn compositions. In the 30 work selection process, I thought it would be arrogant on my part to make the selections myself given that Haydn composed many dozens of exceptional works. So, we will make the selections together.

Groupings are on my mind. As an example, if you decide to pick the Op. 20 String Quartets, that's okay by me. If another member later picks one of the Op. 20 String Quartets, that's not okay. There are no duplications in a Bulldog game.


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